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POPSUGAR: How do you decide on your hair and makeup for a competition? Is it based on your costume or the routine?

Gracie Gold: It is based on both. Everything is based on your choice of music and your choice of choreography. If you are skating to the Titanic or an Irish dance or an Egyptian Cleopatra, all of those looks are going to be totally different! Each skater is also different on how they want to emulate that piece of music they skate to. For my short program this year, we are emulating Grace Kelly — a classic timeless beauty — so we went with a slicked-back, big, high bun, a classic red lip, and neutral makeup with big lashes!

PS: When you're skating in competition, you have to keep your hair out of the way. What are your favorite updos to wear on the ice?

GG: My favorite updos would be the Hunger Games-inspired french braid that wraps around. That is really fun on the ice! I also like a big, high, classic ballet bun — the bigger the better!