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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

"The thing I love about lip tar is that once you apply it, you almost forget that it's on. It doesn't have a dry or tacky texture, although you really need to take the time to apply it. Use the brush that's included, or else you'll wind up with lips like a clown. Not cute. So lip tar stays on forever — even through a meal or a serious smoochfest. But it's tough to remove if you're rushing to get your makeup off at the end of the night. I always try to use a face oil to remove it quicker."

"I'm used to Maria wearing lipstick, so it's not a huge change. This is definitely a more intense color, though. It has a minty taste, actually, and it does't feel any different than kissing her without lipstick. I'd rate this a 4. It doesn't come off on me, and I think it looks good on her. I like the fact that it doesn't smell super fruity or girlie."

"Lip tar is one of my favorite lip pigments. I wear it more often than any of my other lipsticks, simply because I can put it on and forget about it. I suggest it to everyone, but am going to give it a 4, just because the application takes a steady hand — not exactly conducive to reapplying on the go."

Final score: 4

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