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Butter London Lippy Liquid Lipstick

"It goes on really smoothly and feels supervelvety on your lips. If it's sticky at all when you first apply it, then just blot it and add a Chapstick to help smooth it out. And it's up to you how dark you want the color to go — just keep layering it on for a more dramatic effect. It stayed on for a decent amount of time, maybe a couple of hours without reapplication. Of course, it rubbed off some on water glasses, and while I was eating . . . and kissing! But if you are careful, it could definitely last a few hours."

"It's bright — very bright. It kind of tastes like cherry, I don't know . . . maybe licorice? It's not bad. It's super glossy! It's smooth, but it definitely sticks on me a bit. I give it a 3. I'm not used to Hannah wearing lipstick, so the color is really intense, but it does taste and smell a lot better than I ever expected — and it's kind of cute that it rubs off a little when she kisses me."

"I totally would wear this lipstick again. I'm not a lipstick kind of girl, but I love that this is more glossy than 'lipstick-y.' It's a lot less intimidating. I'd probably rate this a 3.5. I'm into the texture and the gloss factor, but the color might be a shade too bright for me."

Final score: 3

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