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Illamasqua Lipstick

"I applied lip balm first, and it glided on really easily. It's matte, not sticky at all. The light color helped me avoid that awkward stage when you can tell it's wearing off, and you either need to refresh it or completely wipe off. After three or four hours of drinking, eating, etc., I finally added a bit more."

"It's pretty and subtle — why are you asking me? Did you do something? It doesn't have a specific taste, but it has a dry texture. As far as lipsticks go, this one isn't too bad. It doesn't leave a mess and doesn't feel, taste, or smell any different than Leah's lips do normally."

"Would I wear it again? Yes, yes, yes! It's the light pink I'm always searching for. The shade is enhancing and pretty, and it makes me feel romantic. I love that it feels more like a balm rather than classic slick lipstick. I'd rate this a 5!"

Final score: 5

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