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L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Liquid Lipstick

"It's an easy application with a wand that helps it glide on. Despite being highly pigmented, it didn't feel like I was going to end up with too much on or go outside the lip line. My lips are chapped with Winter weather, and it felt like you couldn't see any of the roughness through it. But it came off on John! Not all of it, but definitely some came off on the first smooch (although he looked adorable with it)."

"It looks shiny, and the color looks more reddish than the packaging. It tastes a little sweet, and it's not sticky. It's got a smooth texture. I'd rate it a 4."

"I would wear this again. I might pick a different shade to try out next, but I liked the formula. I'd rate it a 4. I'm more of a stain or balm kind of girl, but for a gloss, this was a really nice, unsticky, and saturated version."

Final score: 4