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Molly as a Blonde

POPSUGAR: Have you always been a blonde?

Molly Sims: No. During my first 10 years of modeling, I had jet-black, espresso hair. Then I went blonde in 2000, and it's funny because my agents were like, "You cannot go blonde — it will ruin your career." And said, "I'm doing it." So I did it, and that's been the last 10 years.

PS: So what brought you to go red?

MS: I just wanted a change — to do something bold. I thought about cutting it. I spent so long growing it out and getting it back from the pregnancy. But I wanted something different. I turned 40.

PS: How does hair color affect your identity?

MS: Everything. Hair color affects everything about you. It affects your confidence. When you have a good hair color, you feel good about it.

PS: How do you feel about being a blonde vs. a redhead?

MS: It definitely plays into your personality. It's like being dark, light, or kind of mysterious. You'll wear different clothes [to go with your hair color], and it brings out different sides of you. When I come home from getting my hair color done, I always ask my husband what he thinks — hinting for a compliment.

PS: How do you think your husband [Scott Stuber] is going to respond to this color?

MS: I think he's going to like it. I do.

Source: Frances Tulk-Hart for Nexxus