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PS: When you hosted the Country Music Awards last, you had an epic amount of costume changes. Is it just a fashion switch, or do you alter your makeup?

CU: It's definitely more about wardrobe, but we try to do things quickly that are different with hair and makeup — like if you can do a quick side thing and throw a headband in or something. I want to have fun with it. It's my moment to kind of be me and do what I do. It's a lot more fun when at the end of the night you can be like, "I changed my clothes how many times?" 

PS: For something like that, is your whole team backstage helping you, or do you handle it yourself?

CU: [There's just] one person who does both my hair and makeup. I have a stylist, and everyone once in a while she might have somebody come in to help her get things out or put things away, but it's not like this person has an assistant who has an assistant. I've seen people do that, and I'm like, "How . . . ? There are like 20 people touching you right now. How does that not drive you nuts?"  

PS: You and your hairstylist seem close — do you get to host beauty parties at her salon when you're home in Nashville?