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CU: I don't get to a lot, but those are such fun nights! [Actually,] I have a lot of wigs because I did this video shoot where I was doing fun, different characters — I was a photographer and a waitress and then I was the president. [So now, my girlfriends and I] will get together and play cards, and we're just wearing these wigs. I'm sure if anybody is driving by my house, they're like, "What are these crazy people doing?" But we just have fun. 

The last time we actually got together, we ended up painting one of my girlfriend's toenails. We just like getting together, having fun, being girlie, and having a glass of wine. And we talk about everything.

PS: OK, about those wigs . . . did it make you ever think about actually wearing a wig for a concert or to just have automatically perfect hair?


CU: They [actually] itch me terribly! When I did Sound of Music, I was wearing wigs, and I'd rehearse with them on for six or eight hours. [At the end] it was like, "Oh my gosh, this is killing me!" So I'm not a fan, personally, for wearing in my daily life, but those girls who do . . . they know what's up. They're just like, "Put my makeup on, put my wig on, yo!"

PS: And we see you're wearing a Fitbit . . .

CU: Yes! I got one for me and my friends for Christmas because we're into fitness and being healthy — we share recipes and stuff like that, too. We're all pretty competitive as well, so when you see, "Ugh, she's beating me today!" it's motivating [to go to the gym]. 

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