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POPSUGAR: Before the Oscars, we polled our readers to see how Jared should wear his hair. The options were beach waves, ponytail bun, or the wet look. The results: 45 percent picked waves, 42 percent picked an updo, and 13 percent said the wet look. Our readers had it right! So how did you and Jared reach this monumental decision?

Chase Kusero: We've definitely been experimental, and that's been a key to his hair looking great. He likes to have his style unique to the moment. We did ponytail bun for Golden Globes, and if we did it again, it would seem [old]. We did the Indie Spirit Awards the night before, so he started with product in his hair, and then he slept on it. When he put his jacket on, we knew it had to be down for an iconic vibe. We knew that was it.

PS: What are some tips you can offer our readers to get Jared's undone beach waves at home?

CK: We did subtle things, and it just worked. Yesterday was a big day for him, so his hair was kind of an afterthought. Washing the hair less is the key. Using some sort of wave-enhancing shampoo will add more moisture. That has been the key: moisturizing the hair allows it to hang well, have shine, and separate. The more moist the hair is, the more it can wave. Use a flat iron to bend 10 pieces, and it will give it that separation and make it feel undone. But we never use a curling iron or anything on Jared, or it will look too much like glam waves. Straight ends are also the key. Don't go all the way down with the hair iron to keep ends straight. It will make it look more disheveled.

PS: You have said that he doesn't and will never wear extensions. What are some natural tips for growing hair long? Does he get routine trims or eat certain foods? We heard he is a vegan.

CK: In the case of a female client, trimming is more of a necessity. When we started the process of growing out his hair, he left it in my hands. So we wanted it to get to a certain point so it doesn't look cut. Trimming it to make it grow is a myth. Yes you need to cut off dead ends, but doing less is better. Not doing color as often, getting less haircuts, washing it even less are all good for the growing process.

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