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Guys' Grooming Trends

PS: What are some big trends for grooms' hair? What about the groomsmen?

JS: The big grooms' trends right now are cuts that you can easily recognize as classic and timeless but are a little more evolved and fun. For example, do a twist on the Gatsby by trimming the sides closer down and getting some more volume in the front. Check out the cut I did for Jonah Hill for an example of this really popular look. I love it because the cut can essentially style itself without too much work.

For groomsmen, it's about the same, but their cuts are even more relaxed. Try something that's a little looser and messier than the groom's cut by using a dime-sized amount of matte styling paste with medium hold to simply refine your natural hair.

PS: Is it OK to sport face scruff on your wedding day? What looks appropriate?

JS:Personally, I vote for whatever your normal look is (i.e., don't decide to grow a beard if you're usually clean shaven, and, similarly, don't decide to shave it all off if you've usually got scruff); and it's definitely OK to sport scruff, but I think this comes down to the bride's preference. Some say the bride dresses for the groom and vice versa. Happy wife, happy life. For the optimal scruffy look, grow it out for 10 days and trim a little here and there if needed.

PS: Are there certain hairstyles that are dressier for black-tie events?

JS: Of course! For black-tie events, you don't cut any corners when it comes to grooming. Face or beard should also be groomed, and not a hair on your head should be out of place. Go for a sexy twist on the slicked-back look like Leonard DiCaprio's. Use my Men’s Groomer brush ($30) to blow dry your hair in the desired direction to create a bit of volume, and set hair with a matte paste. This will make you look polished in an instant!

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