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Meet Jason Schneidman

PS: What about eyebrows? When should these be done, and what are great arch shapes for guys?

JS: I don't advocate for eyebrow waxing on men, because I think it creates too defined of a shape; but if you have hair in between or they are just really unruly, then have your barber or hairstylist use clippers to lightly trim them, and then have them use a comb to brush up your brows and trim the excess hairs that stick up.

PS: Can guys ever wear makeup on their big day and not look made up? How?

JS: They can, but they need to be very careful and not go overboard. Try subtle products like a tinted moisturizer to cover blemishes or to get a nice glow. Also, don't forget to be careful with your white collar, and put some tissue around your collar before you put your tie on.

Source: The Men's Groomer

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