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PS: What's one of your favorite beauty looks that you've worn for any role that you've played?

KB: I really liked the liquid wing eyeliner that I wear on House of Lies. I especially wear it in season two. It's really clean and sharp, and the makeup look complements my character's attitude in the business world.

PS: Were there any other standouts?

KB: Yeah, throughout the Veronica Mars series, which was also echoed in the movie, I wore a taupe smoky eye. Because she was in high school, I couldn't wear a blunt smoky eye and I couldn't wear too much makeup. But, I do often think that as an actress, the makeup you choose can be representative of your character's armor and insecurity. So I wanted Veronica to have a tougher, smokier eye. Even though it was very, very pale smoky, it made her feel more confident and less naked.

PS: Would you try the braid from Frozen?

KB: Yes and funnily enough, when I was recording the character I had much longer hair. Subconsciously, one day, I came in with it braided. And then for the rest of my recording, it just felt right. It was just a silly little way I was able to get into character.

PS: Did you think that braid would take off the way it has? There are a lot of girls re-creating it.

KB: No. I was just as shocked as everyone that people liked it so much. But it's cool. It must be flattering to the animators because they created such a cool look, and I like Anna just as much as anyone else.

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