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Getting a Glow

PS: What do you think the best way is to really make sure your skin, your face, your body really glow for a big event?

PD: Well, one of the biggest, most important keys for the skin of the face is not overpowdering. I think people think you know special event, doing my makeup special, and that requires extra powder. I’m very, very minimal when it comes to powder. I basically powder through the t-zone on my clients and that’s it. And that’s a loose powder with a brush. It’s not packing it on, because the more powder you put on, the more it ages the skin. You also lose vitality of skin. I think that these women look so beautiful on the red carpet, because they look alive and they’re glowing, and that glow is the vibrancy of skin.

The other important thing is not to pay all attention to the skin of the face and then forget the skin of the body. The skin of the body is just as important.

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz