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POPSUGAR: You’re playing a Disney princess — every girl's dream! What does it mean to you to take on this iconic role?

Courtney Reed: Oh my gosh, it means so much to me. It was extraspecial because she was the first ethnic princess that I was introduced to. The first one who had the same hair color and darker skin tone as me. So I definitely identified more with her. And my mom painted this Aladdin mural in a toy room we had in our basement. We’d call it “the Aladdin room.” My dad would videotape me doing the opening monologue. We were so obsessed with the movie.

PS: Have fans been reaching out to you because they identify with Jasmine?

CR: Absolutely. You get all of the age ranges. You see a lot of them, they come to the show dressed up. It’s so cute. For instance, there was this little girl dressed up as Jasmine. I had a bunch of friends come see the show, so I was on stage talking them, and she waited for so long because she was determined to give me this drawing that she made with a Hershey’s kiss and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. And her parents were like, “We couldn’t leave. She would have been devastated if she didn’t meet you.”

PS: Can you take us through Jasmine’s beauty look?

CR: I love how the makeup [artist] stayed true to the character in the film. When Jasmine opens the show, she’s wearing her turquoise outfit and a really gorgeous red lip. She’s very glistened and sparkly. All of the products are MAC Cosmetics. I start with foundation, followed by a bronzer with a bit of shimmer. I have a combination of two blushes — a light pink and one with an little orange undertone. I mix them together for my cheeks.

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