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PS: What’s it like working with Adam Jacobs? How did you guys get your chemistry?

CR: Adam Jacobs is the best. I always smile when I hear his name, because we’ve been part of this project for over three years now. We did the first initial reading, every workshop in between, the Seattle and Toronto tours, and now Broadway. We did another show together called Once on This Island for Paper Mill Playhouse. So we’ve been close from the beginning, and, because of that, we were forced to get to know each other. Sometimes people say that our offstage chemistry is very brother-and-sister like. We joke around with each other a lot. He’s a close friend. Naturally, it just kind of happens, because we’re forced into these circumstances together where something might go terribly wrong. He’s seen me cry a million times — like getting emotional the first time I heard “A Whole New World” or singing it and things like that. He’s always there for me.

PS: He has that winning smile.

CR: Oh my gosh, doesn’t he? Everyone keeps talking about his smile! He’s very charming, and he’s a really good guy.

PS: Is he a good kisser?

CR: Yeah, actually. Yeah, I was surprised. I was like, “Oh, all right! Good job!”

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