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PS: Do you wear a wig for the show?

CR: Yes, but oftentimes people think it’s my real hair, because when I go out afterward, my hair is coming out of pin curls, and it’s usually very wavy. It looks kind of like it’s done. My hair gets pretty big, and it’s long. My wig goes down to my butt. But, my actual hair is about maybe six inches shorter, so there’s really not that much of a difference

PS: You wear a lot of belly shirts. How did you get in shape for this role?

CR: I’m always very active, but I knew if I wanted to get to that next level, I would really have to push myself. So I hired a personal trainer. I go to him three times a week for an hour, and we do a lot of high-interval training. We do a set of three exercises. The first exercise might be something like jumping rope 100 times and then going into body squats with weights. I usually use low weights and do high reps. After the set is over, I get a minute break, and we go right into it again. Then we go into another set of three exercises. He keeps my heart rate up so I’m doing a lot of cardio, but at the same time I’m building muscle

PS: And for your core?

CR: I do a lot of ab work and stuff on the TRX. Sometimes he’ll make me do this old-school biking move where you pull with your arms and you’re peddling. He’ll make me do that really, really hard for 30 seconds and then go into the next exercise. He pushes me.

PS: Did you change your diet for the show?

CR: Oh yeah, for sure. I always eat very healthy, but I make sure to eat a lot of complex carbohydrates for energy but then taper off the carbs for the rest of the day — like eat a salad with chicken and avocado for dinner. I love to stir-fry vegetables with protein, like tilapia. I’m actually kind of obsessed with these flavored chicken sausages. I cut them up and put them in my stir-fry vegetables. They’re so good and so flavorful but not crazy high in calories.