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PS: What other KORA Organics products are you excited about for Summer?

MK: My staple products cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Having a routine for morning and night is very important, especially for busy people on the go. [KORA] is certified organic, which is a good balance since I live in a world where I’m constantly having a lot of products used on me. With the skin being the largest organ, it was important for me to have a certified organic skin care range. I wake up and my skin feels glowing and radiant.

PS: Do you have any tips you've picked up from shoots that you still use?

MK: Sometimes I put a little bit of lip balm, like, right here, you can use it as a luminizer.

PS: Around the edges of your eyes?

MK: Yeah, it gives you a little glow. Another tip is cucumbers on the eyes, cold cucumbers on the eyes are really good. If you wake up and your eyes are feeling puffy, or you’re exhausted, or you’ve just gotten off a flight and you have to go to an event or a dinner, just a couple of minutes with that cold cucumber feels really good.

PS: What about before bed?

MK: Before bed? Meditation. It’s very important for me. Whenever I get a minute, I like to just focus on my breath and feel like being present is very important. Studies have been done on the benefits of meditation, the brain is so much more receptive to certain things, it’s very healthy for the body, mind, and spirit.

Image Source: Getty / Jun Sato