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PS: Right now, fun '90s trends like overalls and Birkenstocks, are back in style — are there any you would try?

MK: Birkenstocks are something that I used to really love, and then I did a shoot for British Vogue, and I was wearing them, and I was like, “Oh! They’re coming back.” It looked really cool on the shoot, and I bought a pair. I just haven’t rocked them out yet. And overalls are fun. I mean, I’m not opposed to them.

PS: What is your thought process when putting together an outfit?

MK: I try to make it practical for what I am doing. Comfort definitely plays a part. I’m a very tactile person, so I like to mix it up with different fabrics that feel good. Yesterday I took Flynn, and we went to lunch with a friend. Since I knew we weren't going to the park, I wore a little red kitten heel and a skirt, which was a little sheer but I had a bodysuit on underneath. And I had a stripe tank on and a denim jacket. So it’s covered at the top but a little sheer at the bottom. And I had my big bag because I like a big bag.

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