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PS: Music festival season has started, so for all the people who are packing up tiny suitcases and can’t take everything with them, can you offer any advice?

MK: If I’m going on a trip, I just take my carry-on with me because I don’t want to check something in. So I have my staples, like I always have a black blazer with me, my favorite denim jeans, a great pair of pants, and then a great white tank — the basics. Also, I would always say a good pair of boots or heels. You need something that you can actually have fun in but you feel sexy at the same time, like a great dress or a long skirt. Find something that looks good on your body [rather than] following a trend. And then go with that.

PS: What about for beauty?

MK: The basics: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner, rosehip oil . . .

PS: You said you always like to carry on your luggage — has anything ever gotten lost?

MK: Yes. My wedding dress actually.

PS: What did you do?

MK: Well, you can’t really do much about it. You just have to let go.

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