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PS: How are you prepping for Summer beauty-wise?

MK: Body brushing is very important. It detoxifies the system, gets the blood circulation going, and is really reenergizing. It’s one of my favorite rituals — I do morning and night. I also love getting body scrubs. I exfoliate my skin every second day, and I wash my hair every second day. I use KORA Organics cream exfoliant, because it’s gentle enough to use every second day, but it also really clears the dead skin cells so that the products can be penetrated.

PS: Are there any DIY scrubs that you've tried at home?

MK: I do a body scrub with sea salt and coconut oil. It’s energizing. Coconut oil is a great, very multipurpose [product] — you can cook with it! It's also in all of the Clear products, like the intense hydration mask. You can sleep with it in the ends of your hair. I also have a water filter on my tap at home, so that when we take baths the water is filtered. I put epsom salts in the bath — it feels so good. So I'll use my body scrub and then the bath, and I put KORA rosehip oil on my body. I used to suffer from dry skin on my legs, but if you’re exfoliating regularly and then applying body oil and body cream, it’s really good for you.

Source: Clear Scalp and Hair

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