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Jeremy Piven and Nina Agdal

PS: What's your reaction when you look in the mirror after the aging makeup is set?

JP: That's the great thing, you look at the mirror and you get the image and then you walk on based on that.

PS: What women's beauty trends do you loathe and like? Red lipsticks?

JP: That's interesting because I'm playing a guy, Harry Selfridge, who was the first one to put rouge lipstick in stores and put it in a prominent place. He was the first one, like when you go into Macy's, Barneys New York, or any place now, these are the products you see when you first walk in. That was Harry Selfridge. He was the first one to do that — to take his cues from Paris. He was all about empowering women and to be whoever they want to be. And I agree with Harry on that one.

Source: Marion Curtis for StarPix