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Jennifer Fisher x RBG Nail Polish

POPSUGAR: What led you to partner with RGB?

Jennifer Fisher: I had always been a fan of Gina’s organic, chemical-free polishes, but we actually met via Instagram, if you can believe it! We started commenting on each other’s photos, and that was it. That simple. Then a direct message, and a friendship was born!

PS: Do you see more beauty collaborations in your future? If so, what would you like to take on next?

JF: Gina gets where I am coming from with my hunt for specific colors, so she is the perfect ongoing partner for us. Really being a jewelry designer, nail polish was a natural collaboration for [me]. I have no specific plans for the future or other beauty, but you never know!

PS: How did you choose the color? How would you describe it?

JF: This color was in honor of Mother’s Day, so I wanted to make it something relatable with a funny connection — hence Momma for “mom jeans.” While the color is denim-inspired but its not the traditional “mom jeans” colors — just a play on it. It’s a very dark navy that is perfect for Spring pedicures. It’s also a great for transitioning your manicure from Fall to Spring, especially for those who don’t want to wear pastel or brights in May.

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