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Shape Your Brows Like a Pro

Jared showed me Benefit’s three-step technique to shaping your brows. “We look for three key portions of the eyebrow — we identify the start, the arch, and the end,” he said. Here you can see these points on the model.

Start your eyebrows by making a line from the dimple of your nose to the beginning portion of your eyebrows. “It created a slimming effect on the nose,” Jared explained. “It's an illusion but it works.”

To find where your arch should go, locate the outer corner of your nose and go diagonally across your face, through the pupil, until you reach your brow. That spot is where the highest portion of the brow should be. “If you wax from that point to the arch, you're going to create a maximum lifting effect for the eyebrow,” noted Jared.

Finally, locate the end of your brows by starting at the same corner of your nose, but instead go up by your waterline until you get to your brows. End your arches there. “That creates balance on your face,” said Jared.

tylbia tylbia 2 years

i learned a much different and easier (for me) way to so this when i went to modeling school centuries ago.

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