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Blake's Makeup Breakdown

POPSUGAR: Who or what inspired this look? How does it work with the rest of her outfit and the rest of her beauty style?

Elaine Offers: I was inspired by Blake's amazing rose gold Gucci dress, and Blake wanted a classic yet modern take on '40s and '50s makeup looks. She looked romantic and sexy, and the rose gold tones were so flattering.

PS: What is the standout beauty feature of this look? And what product(s) were used to get it?

EO: Her standout beauty feature is her perfect glowing skin. I used Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Airbrush Foundations in LQ 10 and LQ 13 applied with a Nars #12 Cream Blending Brush. The glow came from Nars Adelaide Illuminator applied high on her cheekbones.

PS: What is something women can do at home for real life inspired by this look?

EO: Women should pay attention to keeping a clean, groomed brow, neutralizing redness, choosing a foundation formulation that serves their skin, and not overpowdering. There are creamy illuminating products at every price point — go for one with pink tone as they look so fresh!

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