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And that's why RuPaul is my spirit animal. It's why I love drag queens so much. They're unafraid to defy the socially acceptable boundaries of beauty by experimenting with cosmetics. Just as they unabashedly transform themselves into whatever their heart desires, I too enjoy exploring the myriad facets of my personality. And that's because I'm not a static human being made up of one-dimensional emotions. I don't feel the same every day, so I don't want to look the same every day. Just as others use their bodies to convey nonverbal messages to the public with clothes, I prefer to use my face as a canvas to physically illustrate my moods. While some women wear combat boots to feel tough, I rock an eggplant lipstick and a stark mascara-free eye. When gals sport cheeky tees to feel silly, I do a double-winged acid green eyeliner and ultrapink blush. My counterpart to the power stiletto? A flawless red lip.