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Others say that I use makeup as a crutch. To those naysayers I respond, "Come hang out with me on the weekends!" Saturdays and Sundays are my time to relax and when I feel most low-key, so my face follows suit by wearing no makeup at all. That's right, zilch cosmetics. I have no qualms about stepping outside and going to the park without even a swipe of mascara. I'm comfortable displaying my dark circles whenever I feel particularly devil-may-care (See: casual Sunday brunches). I feel just as secure with my blemishes exposed as I do when I'm wearing false lashes.

And that's another lesson we can learn from drag queens: they're just as confident owning their manhood by day as they are wearing feminine, high-arched brows and sequined dresses by night. Surely all women can be inspired by this creative, charismatic, hard-working, fearless, and punk as f*** group.