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"She must be trying to hide something," the imaginary Internet whisperers say. "She's not happy with herself, which is why she wishes she's someone else," they'll murmur. And it's these very assumptions that make me release an exasperated sigh. You see, just as those who prefer zero cosmetics are misread, makeup girls are equally misunderstood. We're seen as having low self-esteem, shallow, dumb, frivolous, or even promiscuous. But the truth is, I wear my beloved makeup because it's a form of self-expression, an artistic outlet, a way to outwardly portray what I'm feeling on the inside.

In reality, I don't always wear maquillage to make myself look more attractive. I know I don't need makeup — some might even say I look better without it! — but I just think playing with beauty products is really, really, really fun. And while I wholeheartedly acknowledge that cosmetics can be an excellent tool to enhance your natural features, I believe viewing makeup as simply a form of self-improvement is gravely limiting. Do I think my opaque strip of ombré blue shadow is going to have gentleman callers lining up outside my door? Hell no. Do I assume my royal purple lipstick is going to win me a beauty pageant? Of course not! I wear these bold looks because I personally think it just looks really groovy.

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