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Many people continue to assume that women are still required to wear makeup for professional and social acceptance. But currently, there's a massive cultural movement where women are speaking out against the societal "mandate" to put on maquillage and are instead "daring to go bare." We recently posted a story on the #nomakeup trend of celebrities wearing not a stitch of cosmetics, and our very own assistant editor Jessica Cruel also wrote a piece on her preference for a less-is-more look. Even The New York Times just heralded the scrubbed face as the new beauty standard. These women are standing up for the fact that you don't have to wear makeup to look and feel beautiful. That you don't have to put on cosmetics to gain respect. And while such bona fide heroes may be challenging the notion that those who go au naturel are "lazy" or "unprofessional," I can tell you that the naked-faced woman isn't the only one who feels heated judgment. Us "makeup girls" do, too.