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PS: What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

PC: [Laughs] My favorite songs to sing in the shower are what I never ever sing in the microphone or in real life. One of them would be LL Cool J "Phenomenon." I become LL. Or "Crush On You" with Biggie and Lil' Kim. I mean, I love those songs! But I could never ever do a Biggie or Lil' Kim in real life, so I become that in the shower!

PS: You have seriously enviable hair. How do you get your signature voluminous waves?

PC: Oh my gosh, I abuse my hair so much! I had a lot of it to start with, but by the end of my life I’m going to be bald! I try to change shampoos every year. I stick to the same brand of shampoo for a year because I believe that your hair or your scalp gets used to the products. Also, this is a very Indian thing, but we do oil massages for the scalp. I think that trick is amazing for hair growth. It helps the circulation of the blood in your head, and it really makes your hair so much stronger. Even if you use it once every two weeks or whatever, it really is so good. I use a lot of coconut oil. It’s one of the common oils in India that you use, but there’s also almond or apricot, which are really great for your hair. If you mix a little bit of olive oil with coconut oil and use it as a head massage to get the circulation going, over a few months, you’ll see your hair healthier and thicker.

PS: You also have such incredible lips. What lip balm do you use to keep your pout in tip-top shape?

PC: I love Burt’s Bees. I love the colored ones. I’m a big lip balm person. Thank God for my genetic pink lips, because I don’t wear lipstick. I don’t like lipstick. I feel like my lips walk in three minutes before I do [when I have it on], so I like to just keep lip balm on them. I like Burt’s Bees because it’s not too thick, and it’s really moisturizing. I also love the Eos Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm.

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