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PS: I love the chapter about you and Melanie doing many skin care rituals on planes.

LM: It's embarrassing. I got yelled at one time, though, because I was doing so much, like spraying oils in the air. I never stop.

PS: That's hysterical.

LM: But we look crazy. We put on full face masks and they must think that we're like crazy. People will stare at us but then occasionally people will come up to us and say, "What is that? I want that."

PS: Flights are impossible, but I'm sure you look great when you come off.

LM: Yes, that's why Melanie and I are going to create our own travel supplies.

PS: If you don't get enough sleep, what do you do to look refreshed?

LM: I always keep in mind that sleep is cumulative. So if you have five days of getting 10 hours of sleep, you can go three with only getting four a night. It stocks up. But I always take a bath before I go to bed, chug a bottle of water, and then do a face mask in the morning. I'm not going to stay up late knowing that in a couple days I have Good Morning America in the morning.

PS: The book explains how you live a very centered, balanced life. It made me feel like, "OK Lauren, get it together! Go to Whole Foods! Stock up!"

LM: I do really live a very regimented, it's just what works for me. That's the truth. But I'm proud to say that there's nothing in my book that I don't actually do every day and sometimes you read these books, and you're like, "Do you really do that?" But honestly, like everyone who knows me will tell you, I do these things all the time. Like when Amber Riley came up to me one time and told me that I smell like a tea bag because I had so many oils.

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