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PS: Would you ever do an album that had more Broadway feel?

LM: No, I will not record Broadway songs. Broadway songs should only be sung on the stage, not on a record [laughs].

PS: I respect that. What feedback have you gotten from the people who are mentioned in the book? There are so many odes to your people in there.

LM: My dad cried the minute he saw the book. So did my mom. I'm so thankful for all of the people around me, not only over the past five years but especially over the past year. I talk a lot about that in my book, about how grateful I am that I took a long time to create a very strong circle and support system in LA. They were really there for me the most when I needed them. I've also learned so much about makeup from Melanie and friendship from Jonathan [Groff], and I wanted to share that with my fans.

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