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POPSUGAR: Your book is almost like a women's magazine — or POPSUGAR! — it has so many sections: health, fitness, beauty, fashion, etc. When did you start working on it?

Lea Michele: I like that! I started working on it in 2012, if not even earlier. It's a very long process — writing and structuring, putting a book together. And then you finish it, and you have at least six months to a year of just doing the photos and editing it. The book was completed in early 2013. Now here we are in May 2014, and it's finally out.

PS: What made you want to create the book?

LM: I have the greatest, most loyal, and awesome fans. And they're always asking me, "What are your audition tips?" "How do you keep your hair healthy?" I also feel like I have a very inspiring and interesting story, so I wanted to let people know who I am and where I came from, while also including those tips that people want to hear.

PS: You offer so much beauty advice that, after reading it, there's almost nothing left for me to ask about your grooming routine! One of my favorite DIYs is the hair mask Mark Townsend created for you. Are there any other tricks that didn't make it in?

LM: Yes, and I'm saving that for my next book!

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