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PS: What do you want to do next, career-wise?

LM: I definitely want to tour my record, and I want to make a second record. I'd like to squeeze in a film. But I also have to start working on the second book. I'm enjoying performing, recording the album, and making music videos, so that's really what's inspiring me right now.

PS: You released your music video for "On My Way" this week. Can you share the video inspiration? It looks very Coachella!

LM: I wanted it to be very natural. The "Cannonball" video was obviously a very intense story, and it dealt with a lot of darkness but also a lighter side. So for this, I just wanted grounded, free, earthy, and fun. The album is superfun but it also has some serious elements to it. So it was very important for me to show that fun side of me and me just having a good time. It's definitely very sexy and not something my dad will ever watch. But I like that, I like pushing the limit and taking chances.