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Joslyn Fox

"I can give you a three-minute boob job using contouring and highlighting on your chest. The same way you contour your cheeks and eyes, those same rules apply for your chest. So you put on your best push-up bra, you take some bronzer, and you follow the McDonald’s arches on your chest with a big M shape. Then you highlight the front of your boobs and highlight in the middle of your cleavage and above the bronzer. The more shimmer the better for your chest bronzer and highlighter. That’s not so true for your face, but it works great for your boobs. Also, I make my boob padding out of birdseed! I make sacks of birdseed and stuff it in my bra, because it’s firm enough to push up what you already got, and it’s malleable so it moves. But I just worry about going outdoors! It could end up like an Alfred Hitchcock movie."

Image Source: Getty / Bryan Steffy
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