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POPSUGAR: You have such beautiful eyes. How do you play that up with your makeup?

Nina Dobrev: This is the first time that I'm wearing colored contacts just for fun, as opposed to for a role or a film. The science behind [colored contacts] now is incredible. They used to be so thick, uncomfortable, and ugly — well, not ugly . . . no they really were [laughs]. They [looked] fake, and I like to look natural and subtle.

Look, I like my eyes, I like my face, I like what I was born with — it's not that I want to change that, but at the same time, I wear mascara. It's about enhancing my own features. This is why I love the Air Optix Colors and why I signed on to do this — I really believe in the brand. And in our case, for fashion, it helps with red carpets.

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