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Mistake No. 2: Cutting your cuticles.

We know you've probably heard it countless times before, but Miss Pop says this mistake is a cardinal sin. "It's a health risk because you're basically giving yourself open cuts on your fingers, which have a huge potential for getting infected," she explains. "Also, when you cut cuticles, they get gill-y and flaky when they grow back, which really never looks pretty." If you are one who likes nipping for aesthetic reasons, Miss Pop advises just sticking with pushing them back. "You can be aggressive about that, too, and do it once a week," she confirms. "Just use some cuticle remover or softener, and push them back with an orange stick, which forms a smooth barrier. If you don't have cuticle remover, just use the orange stick after the shower when your skin is already softened. But your body is supposed to have cuticles, so please keep them intact!"

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