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On Acne

Dinah: Take it off right away with the Clean & Clear makeup wipes ($5) and then start exfoliating . . . and drink a lot of water! You should drink at least eight cups of water.

Normani: And then use the face wash! Especially for us, sometimes on stage we tend to sweat because we dance so hard and then the lights, so mixture of the light, the makeup, and the sweat, aren’t a great combination as far as when you’re trying to go to sleep. It’s a great idea to take it off right away so you won’t get pimples.

Camila: The Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment ($8) is so good! It works, it literally does. It’s like a little serum. You put it on all the little pimples that are being problematic, and it takes it away.

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