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Their Showtime Looks

Normani: I like to either do a bold lip, or sometimes I like to do rhinestones on my eyes as my eyeliner — like actual rhinestones. The makeup artist would glue them to my lids to make it stay. The first time I wore them my eyes were partially closed! Everybody asked me, “are you sleeping?” And I replied, “no, my eyes are just buried! I can’t open them all the way."

Camila: I’m pretty plain Jane. I do a winged eyeliner every day pretty much, and I don’t really like to wear a lot of eye shadow.

Ally: I usually did a hot pink lip all the time, but now I like to switch it up a little. I like nude, pearl, red, pink. Also, I like to switch up my eyes. I could never really wear top eyeliner, but now it’s fun.

Image Source: Getty / Kevin Kane