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On Hair Accessories

Camila: My favorite hair accessories . . . I either use the bow, which stands up (I have a black one that I use all the time because it goes with everything), or I use hair ribbons, which are really cool because you can just spin them around, and you can tie them up.

Dinah: I love bandannas, and I love snapbacks so that's usually my go-to.

Normani: I like snapbacks, too. I used to wear them all the time and also bandannas. I’m inspired by '90s hip-hop. I like Aaliyah. I love Beyoncé and Rihanna. I also always have to have bling . . . anything that shines! I used to be in pageants so everybody calls me the "Glitz." Sometimes they tone me down, because I can go way out there.

Image Source: Getty / Scott Legato
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