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Her Body-Bronzing Savior

PS: So as far as moisturizer, from head-to-toe, what kind of moisturizer are you using?

JK: Right now I’ve been using Jergens BB Body Cream ($13). It was a product that was introduced to me by Pati Dubroff, who’s obviously brilliant and one of the most amazing makeup artists. She showed me this product that’s so genius because it’s perfect for Summer, for red carpet, for when it’s like a gazillion degrees. You have to find something that isn’t going to be rubbing all over your clothes. So many other products put either a color or something in it where it rubs off on your clothes, and then it becomes obvious that you’re covering your skin. And this isn’t about that. This is really about illuminating and making [your skin] look silky and glowing. And if you consistently use it, what I’ve noticed is it starts firming your skin, which I’ll take any day of the week.