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Lush Cosmetics Parsley Porridge Soap

Summer is the worst time to experience body acne. Actually, bacne is pretty terrible to deal with in general, but when you're more likely to end up in a swimsuit than, say, an oversize sweater, you want your skin to look clean and clear.
Lush Cosmetics's Parsley Porridge Soap ($8, out July 3) should do the trick. Here's why it's become a fast favorite: instead of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (which bleach my favorite nightshirts), I can use this in the shower and won't have to worry about my skin feeling parched and dry. The key acne busters here are tea tree oil and thyme, which are antibacterial, and ground porridge — yes, Goldilocks style — that gently exfoliate skin to keep pores from being clogged. And yeah, it's green because of the chlorophyll in the parsley, which calms inflamed skin.

– KJ

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