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PS: A defining career moment for us was when Cher referenced you in Clueless when she said, “Duh, [coffee] might stunt my growth! I want to be 5’10” like Cindy Crawford.” That pretty much solidified your status in pop culture as the biggest supermodel in the world. What was your reaction to that moment in the movie?

CC:: I don’t remember that! That’s so funny! Wait, that was in Clueless? I’ve seen it, and I don’t remember! I had no idea! I’ll have to watch that again.

PS: You were, in fact, the highest-paid model of your generation. Do you think you could’ve replicated that success in this decade?

CC: I feel like I had to be in that one moment. Before my generation there were big models. There was Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, and Carol Alt, but there wasn’t a group. And after my generation there are huge models: Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, Gisele, and Coco Rocha, but there was something about that one moment where [the timing] was unique. I don’t think I could’ve replicated that. And certainly with the way my body is, I would’ve had to go on a starvation diet today. I would’ve had to change who I was to fit today’s mold. Now the models are a size 0. I can’t even get a pair of size 0 pants up over my thighs! I always say the stars were in alignment for me. There was also a time [before me] when Hollywood actresses didn’t really want to be glamorous because they felt like they wouldn’t be taken seriously. And then my time happened at just the right moment.


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