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Alexa Chung For Nails Inc.

OK, which do you prefer, manicure or pedicure? "OMG manicure! I hate people touching my feet. It makes me want to die. Honestly. The amount of people I've nearly kicked in the face inadvertently just because I have a really bad reflex to someone holding my feet . . . A pedicure is actually torture for me."

I know, the file is what does it for me. "That's horrible, it's basically like a cheese grater."

At-home manicure or salon? "In England, you often have to do an at-home manicure because it's hard to find a nail salon that's affordable and easy to get to, but I'm very lucky because I'm in a world where I can often get my nails done on set."

Metallic polish or glitter? "I really like glitter a lot, but I don't like when it's a plain polish and a few specks on top; I like my glitter to be dense. Otherwise, it's noncommittal. With glitter, you've got to do the whole hog."

Everyone asks you about your eyeliner, but I want to know, how long did it take you to master the winged look? "A matter of years, I'm afraid. And while it's still not perfect, I definitely got quicker at it. I do remember a few years ago, how I did my liner used to set the mood for the day. You wake up, it's too early, you're trying to put your face back together so it doesn't look like you've been found in a cave in the '40s, and one eyeliner mess-up and your day is ruined. But then, after a while, I realized that the more relaxed you get about it, the easier it becomes — it's like anything really."

Source: Facebook user Nails Inc. London

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