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PS: What is a spray-tan detox?

SE: We recommend that you detox and heavily exfoliate your skin once a month. We want to get all the old self-tan off and to start off fresh [when you get your next tan]. It’s good for your skin, especially when it comes to hydration. Detoxing will keep your skin really nice and clean. There are many ways to do it: You can go swimming, sit in a sauna, or take a steam. Baby oil is very good for detoxing the skin if you put a little bit of lemon juice with it. Put it on your skin and let it set for about 10 minutes, then get in the shower and scrub [your skin]. The baby oil swells the skin’s surface, so when you use a scrub, it then makes the skin more pliable so that your self-tan will come off. We recommend you do this once a month.

PS: Can you use a self-tanner in between spray tans?

SE: So you definitely need one for your face. Your face will fade in about three days. I like a spray for my face. People who are prone to acne will need one specifically designed for the face because it’s noncomedogenic. When it comes to your body, you’ll want to boost the color on your legs. If you’re going out on a Saturday night and you’re wearing a short skirt, try the St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil ($50) — it will look fantastic. That’s when you want to look really glam, so it will give you nice contours and super hydration. A gradual, light tan is good in between a spray tan, just to boost the color and put back what sweat, the pool, and the ocean have taken out.

PS: Is there any way to deal with sweat right after you get spray tanned?

SE: Use baby powder. It just keeps it in place. So put baby powder in your cleavage, under your arms, on your knees, behind your legs, and anywhere else that's prone to sweat.

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