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PS: What does it feel like when the hairs are removed?

RK: It feels like a slight bit of heat — very briefly for a split second — each time a hair is treated. And then you shouldn't feel the hairs coming out. It's not like tweezing. The hairs slide out.

PS: What can you do to make it hurt less?

RK: Don't come in when you're premenstrual, because you're more sensitive to everything when you're premenstrual. You can also take a couple of Advil an hour before, which really helps. There's a numbing cream called Emla that you need a prescription for, but it numbs the area. We can use ice also to numb the area. Most people find that it's tolerable.

PS: What should you look for when you're choosing an electrologist technician?

RK: Look for somebody who has experience. You have to look for a clean office. It's very important that they use disposable needles and that the needle comes out of a sterile package. You should never feel the hair being forced out. If you feel like your hairs are being tweezed, the electrolysis is not going to work. The hairs have to slide out.

PS: How do you know it's not being tweezed?

RK: It should feel like a very split second of heat, and that's all you should really feel. You might feel the electrologist testing the hair, but if it doesn't come out, you shouldn't feel the electrologist pulling it out.