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PS: What should you do after the treatment to make sure the area heals properly?

RK: I recommend that people use witch hazel, which is natural. It's a natural astringent that comes from a tree, and if you get a commercial witch hazel ($10) over the counter, it should have 14 percent alcohol. The alcohol will keep the area clean, and the witch hazel will keep everything calm. We also give clients medicated makeup cover up. But usually in 20 minutes, the area should calm down so that by the time you get to where you're going, you shouldn't really be able to see it.

PS: Sometimes you do get scabs, right?

RK: Sometimes on the body it's normal to get scabs. It's a tiny little dot that will appear in three days and will last about 10 days. You should just let them fall off.

PS: And you can put makeup over those?

RK: Well, you shouldn't get scabs on your face if it's done properly. But you can wear makeup over the medicated cover-up that we give our clients.

PS: Who is a good electrolysis candidate?

RK: Anybody. You can do electrolysis on any hair color or skin color. It's for anybody who wants to get rid of their hair permanently.

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