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POPSUGAR: Festivals are long and hot, is there any way to make a flower crown last?

Christy Meisner: For festivals, some people like fake flowers that will last for a few days. If you're wearing real flowers, keep them in the refrigerator before to help them last longer throughout the day. Just know that once you're wearing the crown in the heat, the time counts down, like Cinderella. That's sort of the beautiful thing about them; they only last for so long, so you want to make the most of it while you can.

PS: Will certain flowers stand the heat better?

CM: Sometimes smaller blooms are better for that. I love using wax flowers. I also love to use freesia since they usually can hold a little bit longer. If you're doing larger daisies or roses, they have a shorter life span, as beautiful as they are.

PS: Do you ever use flowers with scents?

CM: Jasmine is great for adding scent. There's not a ton of color in the blooms, but you can kind of weave them in with other flowers to create the smell. Wax flowers also have a minty smell to them. Sometimes I will also spray them with fragrance to give it an extra scent. So, if you want your crown to smell, you can always spray it with your own perfume.

Source: Crowns by Christy