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PS: What's the best way to secure a crown?

CM: I've seen people do them in so many different ways. I personally use ribbons to close them in the back. I originally did that because the elastic headbands would not stay on my head, and the prefitted ones don't necessarily fit me either. I started closing the back of them with ribbon, and I found that that's a really great option for everyone. If you want to wear the crown underneath your hair, you can do that, or you can wear it on top, half up half down.

PS: Do they need to be secured?

CM: Sometimes it helps to just put a couple of bobby pins in there, but for the most part if you tie the ribbon, it stays on pretty well. I've met girls who have beautiful afros and wear the crown, or someone with a pixie cut or supercurly hair, because it's easy to adjust the ribbon. Also, I love the look of the ribbon; there's something so girly and innocent about it.

Source: Crowns by Christy

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