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PS: I notice that you always have the most amazing eyelashes. What's the mascara that you can't live without?

ASR: So naturally, I just have really long eyelashes. It's a problem because they make it look like I have bags where my lower lashes hit. But the type of mascara doesn’t really matter as much as how you put it on. Take a fan brush, and brush your mascara wand with it, then coat your lashes from the base to the tip, so you're painting your eyelashes. Then paint your lower ones. They don't clump, and they're all individually coated.

PS: Who's your favorite character that you have ever played?

ASR: My favorite character? That's hard. That's like picking — I was about to say picking your favorite relative, but then I was, like, well, wait, lots of people have favorite relatives. Or nail polish color.

PS: I would love to know that.

ASR: Chanel has really great colors. And Butter [London], I love Butter. But character, I can’t say. I love them all. Carrie was really fun, that was a fun character to live with for two years.