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LA Ink

Location: Middle back

The story: I got my tattoo when I was 17 and had just gotten to college. Coming from Massachusetts, LA seemed like a pretty glamorous place to get some ink. So when my LA-native friend (who was the most Hollywood person I had ever met) suggested we go get tattoos, I was in. We found a place and a tattoo artist who didn't ask too many questions about our ages, which in retrospect doesn't speak very highly of the parlor.

I found the design I wanted on the Internet — it meant something to me at the time, but I don't really speak about it because it's so lame (regret number one). I chose the location in the middle of my back because I wanted it to be visible (regret number two). I'm pretty happy I don't have to see it often, and yes, it was fully visible in my wedding dress. I'll probably get it removed when the process becomes less painful and more effective. I will say this, though: I fully believe the legal age to get tattoos should be 30.

— Molly Goodson, VP of content

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